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Magento Interview question and answer : Magento Basic – codzhub

Magento Interview Question and answers

How you define Magento ?

  • Magento is CMS based e-commerce platform website which is used to work with shopping cart site.
  • Magento is created by Varien which is used to work with online business .
  • Magento is used for online merchant which is used to develop the online shopping business.
  • Magento have rich plugin management system to install over admin system to control site .

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PHP Interview question and answer : PHP Basic – codzhub

PHP Interview Question and answers

What is php and what are features in php ?

  • Php is stand for personal home page or hypertext processor .
  • Php is server side language used to develop the web based application .
  • It is server side application which include the html , css , javascript during web based application.
  • Php is more faster and reliable server side scripting language .
  • Php Features .
    • PHP can support any platform .
    • PHP Support variable based .
    • PHP support error handling .
    • PHP has regular expression method.
    • PHP support error handling .

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