PHP Exercise and solutions: PHP Brief – codzhub

PHP stands for PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor or personal home page which is server side script and used to work with creating a web application or development . 

It is programming language as c or c++ etc . We can make code with using HTML , css , javascript for combination of these language as such .

PHP has more benefits as compare to other language ,

  •  It is open source and easy to download with.
  • It can run any server like Apache , IIS or etc .
  • It is much faster than other language .
  • It is easy to maintain by any one .
  • It have huge powerful liabrary support.
  • It could be run in many platform like window , linux or etc
  • There is two way to write php code <?php ?> or <? ?> ( Knwn as shortcode).

For Example :

echo "Hello PHP";

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